EDEN 2017 Cultural tourism


Yambol is a new and fascinating destination for cultural tourism. Situated at the ancient, but also modern crossroads, the town gathers in itself a rich heritage of past eras and offers an exciting journey through the tunnel of time from Prehistory to the present day.

We are taken back in time to the Thracians and Romans, through the Thracian and Antique Town of Kabile, the only preserved Thracian town in Bulgaria, the cult and religious center, the residence of the Thracian kings, and the Roman camp.


Archaeological Complex "Kaleto"

In the southwest part of Mezdra on a high rocky hill, which is towering above the left bank of the Iskar river, is preserved 70 centuries old history, which is told today at the Archaeological Complex "Kaleto".


“Little Mount Athos’’ Dragoman Municipality

Municipality of Dragoman is located 43 km westerly from Sofia and only 16 km away from the Serbo-Bulgarian border. The city is situated in a small alpine area at the bottom of Chepan Mountain (part of the mountain range of Stara Planina).


Welcome to Ardino!

Ardino is a mountain municipality situated on the border between the Eastern and Western Rhodopes with rich cultural history, natural phenomena, landmarks, and favorable weather conditions for recreation. The area is accessible and has good conditions for almost all kinds of alternative tourism - cultural, ethno-cultural, eco, natural, hunting, fishing etc.

Everybody could find his/her place here!


Chavdar Municipality, Bulgaria

Chavdar village is part of Sofia region, bordering on the Balkan Mountains on the north and entering the Sredna Gora in the South. It is 3 km away of Main road (Sofia - Bourgas), providing direct access to the capital, other regions, and is just one hour drive from Sofia International Airport, Bus and Railway stations.

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