Online Bulletin, Issue 1, October 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 15:45

Online Bulletin for Bulgarian EDEN destinations created for the project “Communication campaign to promote eden destinations in Bulgaria – third edition”, implemented by Ministry of tourism under the grant agreement № GRO/SME/17/C/095 EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS OF EXCELLENCE (EDEN) – PROMOTION 2017 – BG EDEN CAMPAIGN III (BULGARIA), FINANCED BY EU COSME PROGRAMME.

Ministry of Tourism signed a Grant Agreement GRO/SME/17/C/095 for European destinations of Excellence (EDEN) – Promotion 2017 – BG EDEN Campaign III (Bulgaria) project, financed under COSME 2014-2020 г. The project is submitted within the EC EDEN 2017 – GRO/SME/17/C/095 call. Contracting authority is the European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises. The project budget is 55 987 euro (109 319 лв.). Its duration is 18 months staring from 1.09.2018 and ending on 29.02.2020. Implementaion of this proejcts envisages publication of online bulletin by Ministry of Tourism auimed at imforming the public for project news, events in EDEN destionation in Bulgaria as well as presention of the Bulgraian EDEN destionations.